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Cavistons Seafood Restaurant, Sandycove

Med image image1127425298

58/59 Glasthule Road, Sandycove, Co. Dublin.

+3531 2809120

Price: € 60-120 (for two with wine)

Hours: Open for lunch six days.


From its modest fish-shop origins, over 50 years ago, this family-run business has expanded to provide an impressive range of products spanning the seafood and delicatessen spectrum.

The Restaurant is relatively young, having opened in 1996. However, its comparative youth as a 'must' on the dining circuit is greatly outweighed by the family's 50 years experience of seafood, two top chefs and a highly qualified, experienced and friendly front-of-house staff. Evidence of the excellence offered by the restaurant is provided by the reams of critical acclaim - national and international – which has been directed towards them since they served their first customer in 1996.
 Paolo had this to say in his last review;

The blinis that arrived were very good; fluffy, yeasty pancakes which were served with slivers of smoked salmon and sour cream. Maybe it's Pavlovian conditioning, but I prefer blinis with caviar and chopped onion as well - the combination of flavours and textures appeals to me more. But Susie's mussels set the tone for what we could expect. A huge bowl of mussels was put before her, a Gargantuan plateful of fat bi-valves, which did indeed defeat her. Thankfully I was on hand to help out. Mussels are probably my favourite shell fish.


This generosity of portions continued unabated into the next course. Several good-sized squid had laid down their lives to fill my plate, there were thirteen scallops on the mother's plate - yes, thirteen - and Susie's John Dory seemed to be one of the larger specimens of this fish. It has to be said that nothing we ate was complicated to prepare; these were all fairly straightforward dishes, but they were prepared with the very finest of fresh fish. Give me that any day of the week in preference to the opposite. When I thought back on what I'd been told it seemed that my perceptions were in line with my friends' on this. Possibly the best sea-food in Dublin and served simply and well, retaining its major asset, it's taste.

The menu is selected by Noel on a daily basis and is subject to the day's catch of the Irish fishing fleets. In this way, freshness, excellence and customer-satisfaction is guaranteed. For a culinary adventure par excellence, dine at Cavistons Seafood Restaurant, where the atmosphere matches the food.

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